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To create a zero waste and green living environment, beginning with ourselves and residents, ultimately expanding to our community and the larger society.


To cultivate good living habits within our stakeholders through various Good Earth projects and live by example so that all will understand and follow the principle of “Good Habits Are Better Than A Carefree Life”.

- A Zero Waste Town -

We aspire to prove that sustainable development can go hand in hand with environmental conservation through proper environment management strategy. By bringing together various environmental projects and adopting a holistic view to this approach, we are confident in attaining our goal as a zero waste model town.

In view of this, the Good Earth Project was launched to spearhead the zero waste living concept within our neighbourhood.


Tanah Sutera is committed towards creating a zero waste and sustainable living environment. We strive to not just build homes, but also to restore our natural surroundings. The Good Earth Project was launched to promote the application of the 5R principles (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Responsible) as well as Effective Microorganisms (EM) in our daily lives.

One of the main initiatives under the Good Earth Project is the recycling of food waste into compost, which aims to reduce waste that goes to the landfill. Tanah Sutera has pioneered its first food waste composting centre at Sutera Mall to process food waste into useable compost to aid the Mall and surrounding neighbourhoods’ landscaping. The Seed also demonstrated the zero waste living lifestyle by setting up its own food waste composting and recycle centre to compile these food waste and recyclables into usable materials.


EM, or Effective Microorganisms, is a mixed culture of beneficial microorganisms found in nature. Originally developed as an alternative for agricultural chemicals, EM is now used in diverse fields such as sustainable farming, environmental restoration, industries, households and health.

Applications of EM in our projects include:

- 5Rs' -

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Responsible constitute the major values that we adopt to further our cause in creating an eco-friendly green township.

- Kuru Kuru Shop -

Kuru Kuru means “re-circulation” in Japanese. Kuru Kuru Shop serves as a meeting place for people to bring in their “unnecessary but still usable”
items, for others to take back and reuse. The concept originated from Kamikatsu, Japan, a “Zero Waste” town.  Not only does the Kuru Kuru
Shop give these items new life and keep them in circulation, it also inculcates good Earth-friendly habits based on the principle of
"Good Habits are Better than a Carefree Life".



Our Green Ambassadors regularly engage residents and associates to instil the green concept through various talks and workshops. We maintain strong ties with organisations such as Kiwanis CareHeart Centre (KCHC), AIESEC of UTM, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore, other NGOs and educations institutions to support and co-organise green events for the community. For example:

A strategic partnership with KCHC was formed to promote the use of EM in the Centre. Currently, EM is used to replace chemical agents in cleaning works in the centre as well as at its livestock corner. EM is also applied as natural fertilisers at the Centre’s vegetables and mushroom farms.

With these EM applications, KCHC is often used as a base to demonstrate to the general public the success of EM applications and also for training our staff and associates. We also co-organised various green activities with KCHC and EMRO to educate the general public of the benefits of EM.

A joint collaboration is formed with Pei Chun High School, Pontian where students participate in a one-year food waste composting project to convert food waste into usable compost. The project aimed to raise awareness among students on reducing food waste, which constitutes around 40% of the total municipal waste. The resulted compost is applied onto the School’s landscape, thus providing a lush greenery environment.

In line with the Government’s waste management initiative, the Green Ambassadors worked with Solid Waste Corporation (SWCorp) to promote awareness on household waste management. This include public talk at Sutera Mall as well as educational workshops during residents’ gathering.

- Green Achievements -